Ebony Beale Green recommends Natural Epiphany

These products are awesome for my highly textured, 4C hair. The Cinna-Mint Shampoo and Conditioner are great additions to my hair routine. I LOVE the smell and tingly sensation it gives my scalp. I have even used it as a deep conditioner. My hair is so soft and manageable afterward. The Biotin Spray and Growth Formula are also favs of mine. My hair is definitely strong and healthy!

Demi Garner-Dickerson recommends Natural Epiphany

My husband has been a customer for several years. It began when he was experiencing issues with seborrheic  dermatitis. The dermatologist prescribed meds, creams and shampoos which were ridiculously expensive. In casual conversation with Charla, she told us not to pay the ridiculous prices again. She had something that would work wonders on his scalp. Long story short, she did not lie. Years later, my husband is a faithful customer. In addition to the Skin Replenisher, Biotin oil, Hair conditioner and Hair Grease, we recently purchased the hand sanitizer. It is amazing and right on time with the Coronavirus pandemic. Awesome products and reasonably priced. Without a doubt, we  whole heartedly recommend Natural Epiphany.

Mil and Demi' Dickerson Dallas, TX

Tabitha Harris recommends Natural Epiphany

I have used Natural Epiphany for over 9 years on my daughters and my hair. It has worked magic on growing our hair. I would recommend all products from hand sanitizer, growth grease, and tress oil these products are awesome. Better get you some.

Jemisha Donelson-Stuckey recommends Natural Epiphany

I use Natural Epiphany for not only my microlocs but also for my daughter's loose natural hair! I love the hair freshener and biotin oil! They both smell awesome and keep my scalp in tip top shape! I give these products 5 out of 5

Charbra Holmes Williams recommends Natural Epiphany

I went back home for the weekend with all my Natural Epiphany products (hair and skin). I was jacked for my lotion, biotin spray, eczema dote, and hair growth formula... All from my grandbaby.... But I had one cream stashed away.. Until my sister broke out in hives. I rummaged through my bag and presented the cream only to relieve her uncomfortableness... And got jacked...

I mean I feel naked.. I didn't have any last night for my face, my hair feels like it's crackling and my skin feels like alligator skin. I'm sitting here crying because I have to wait on my next shipment. I'm going through some major withdrawals Express shipping is not fast enough

Leza Walker recommends Natural Epiphany

I started using natural epiphany 8 months ago. I was newly natural and it has kept my hair moisturized and shiny. All of my products are natural epiphany.